Shape Steel Production Base Erected

Date: 13/03/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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A modern shape steelworks with a large production capacity has been built in the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex situated in the northern part of Korea.

Soon after the start of its building yet more than 100 tons of its steel structure was constructed and its concrete fabric put up with success. Shape-producing, bending, washing, plating and many other processes have been set up.

Trial production was carried out in the steelworks some time ago and shape steel and circular arc trusses of various sizes were turned out. The firm material and technological foundations have been laid in our country for producing various kinds of shape steel for construction with our machines, materials and technology.

The workers of the KCISC admirably built the shape steelworks with great fortitude in the spirit of self-reliance.

The Songjin Steel Complex, the Ranam Coal-mining Machine Complex and other related factories provided the KCISC with materials and other spare parts in good time, thereby helping towards building the shape steelworks at an early date.

Shape steel of all kinds has been enabled to be produced in our country for various spheres of the national economy.

Ri Un Nam

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