Research hits prove effective in reality

Date: 13/03/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Metalic oxide arrester

This product restricts such impact overvoltages as external overvoltage and operational overvoltage to protect electric equipment and electronic devices and elements and ensure the normal operation of equipment.

It has higher nonlinearity and energy absorbing capacity, as well as longer response characteristics and serviceable life as compared to the previous product, and is designed for use in different voltage classes.

Especially, its manufacturing cost is low as it is a miniaturized and lightened device with high performance.

It has been introduced into dozens of units and various units are establishing this production process.

New fuel oil additive

The additive is an energy-saving and eco-friendly product which helps improve the combustion efficiency of fuel oil and reduce the content of harmful components in exhaust gas.

When the additive is in use, no corrosion or abrasion is observed in fuel supply system parts including nozzle, fuel pump and filter. It also reduces the discharge rate of black dirt to prolong the lifespan of engines.

Developers confirmed its physicochemical, technical and economic indexes before establishing its manufacturing process. The new type of fuel additive helps save over 15 percent of fuel oil and can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Low-temperature methane fermentation accelerator

It can efficiently be used in families and restaurants furnished with methane gas tanks. As methane generally ferments at above 15 degrees centigrade, it is hard to ensure such fermentation temperatures in winter when the temperature falls below zero.

The accelerator makes it possible to produce methane gas in such a low temperature as 4 degrees centigrade and increase its productivity 4-5 times.

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