Taking delight in serving the people

Date: 13/03/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un finds his greatest joy in the people’s happiness and takes delight in serving them.

Whenever he inspects newly rising structures, he says that he is already gratified to think that they will be ringing with the people’s laughter, he carries on the revolution to relish such a taste and he is the happiest when he provides them with one asset after another.

Last year, too, he continued an uninterrupted inspection tour to make sure that the people enjoy a more affluent and civilized life.

In July and August when people were seeking refuge at water parks and bathing resorts from the fiercest heat the country’s meteorological observation had ever recorded, he provided field guidance to over 20 units around the country without rest.

He oversaw economic construction and the work to improve the people’s livelihood as he toured from North Phyongan Province to Ryanggang, North Hamgyong, Kangwon, South Hwanghae and South Phyongan provinces.

It was a hottest August day when he inspected an industrial establishment to see a new type of trolley bus and tramcar.

As he saw the vehicles, he highly praised the producers for their achievements, saying that he was more pleased and thankful as everything was manufactured by local factories, he was very satisfied and everything was perfect. He added with deep emotion that he was buoyed as if he picked a star from the sky that day and asked how many such pleasant days there would be in a year.

He was dripping with perspiration as he beamed all the way, picturing the happy people using the modern means of public transport of better quality.

On his visit to a fishery station on the east coast in November, he said it was really nice to see the fish that had just been caught pumped up from the fishing boat and poured out in a cascade at the outdoor unloading ground, and proposed having a photo taken with fishermen and other employees with the spectacular sight for the backdrop.

And at the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory, he said he was glad to hear that the factory came first at the national footwear exhibition and that its Maebongsan shoes were highly favoured. I have come to the factory without prior notice, he said, but I can see lots of shoes produced. It is really satisfying to see production keep going steadily in the factory and quality shoes flow down like a waterfall, he added.

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