Mt Kumgang, Korea’s Celebrated Mountain

Date: 15/03/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Mt Kumgang, one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea, covers Kosong and Kumgang counties and some part of Thongchon County of Kangwon Province.

Located in the middle of the Great Paektu Mountains, it is an aggregate of all beauties of the nature, including those of mountain, valley, lake, sea, seashore and landscape.

Its scenery, in which sky-high peaks, rocks in various shapes and forms, steep cliffs and deep valleys, innumerable pools and ponds and thick forests, are in good harmony with each other to form a beautiful picture.

From olden times, it is said that “it seems to have all superb scenic beauties as stones do ten thousand of tricks, water does one thousand of cute things and trees are admirable” and “don’t tell about the beauties of nature before seeing Mt Kumgang.”

For its natural and geographical features the mountain area is the home of over 1 200 species of plants and 250 species of vertebrate animals.

It has a great number of historical sites and relics showing the Korean people’s wisdom and talents, including old tombs in the early period of the class society, fort, building, tower, tombstone, sculpture of Buddhist image, metalwork and woodwork.


Its rare and precious plants and animals, rocks in various myriad forms, natural caves, waterfalls, hot springs and lakes were registered as the national living or natural monuments for their great scientific significance and scenic beauties.

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