True Picture of a Harmonious Whole

Date: 15/03/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a machine factory in the northern part of the country on May 1, Juche 101 (2012).

He looked round its newly-built public welfare service complex.

After dipping his hand in water to measure its temperature at the swimming pool, he said in delight that its workers would be very pleased if they have a bath and swim in such a quiet place.

Then, he went to its barbershop. He asked its hairdressers whether they would mind if he had his hair cut and who would serve him. When they vied with one another to serve him, he promised them that he would make time later to do so.

At the video games room, he spoke highly of the fact that it is fully provided with various kinds of amusement facilities.

At the basketball court in the gym, he dropped a ball to the floor to assess the resonance and praised that its sound-absorption device is up to the mark. At the table-tennis hall, he estimated the quality of a table-tennis bat and said that its workers would like it.

When he said that he would have a photo session with its service workers, they burst into cheers of hurrah. Among them were a discharged woman who had waited for the Supreme Commander during her military service, and some workers vied with each other to stand by him, clinging to his arms.

Far from reproving them for their behaviours, he told them kindly to have a photograph taken all together.

It was a true picture that formed a harmonious whole between the leader and the people.

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