Paektusan Prize Games

Date: 30/04/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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The Paektusan Prize Games in celebration of the Day of the Shining Star, birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il, took place between February 1 and 28, Juche 108 (2019).

Football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and other events were played at stadiums in Pyongyang, Sariwon and counties of Samjiyon and Pujon.

The April 25 and Amnokgang clubs won the men’s and women’s basketball, respectively, and the former the men’s and women’s volleyball.

Taesongsan came first, Jangjasan second and Phothaesan third in the medals table.

The games served as an important occasion for adding luster to the immortal exploits Kim Jong Il performed for the development of Juche-oriented sports and further developing the country’s sports techniques.

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