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Date: 16/05/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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A pharmic institute of the Academy of Medical Science gears up its scientific researches into efficacious medicines to mass-produce them from our domestic raw materials and promote the health of the people.

In the process of this it developed a medicine badly needed for clinical purposes.

The institute worked hard to develop for itself a tetrahydropalmatine injection known as a powerful anodyne and sedative. It succeeded in synthesizing palmatine which performs a strong physiological function in the body. It hydrogenated it and ultimately devised the tetrahydropalmatine injection.

It was proved positively by clinical application that the injection notably excelled its counterparts in effect. It was accordingly patented last year and highly appreciated at the 16th National Exhibition of Inventions and the National Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Public Health.

The institute invented a liquid insam essence, too, to customers’ liking. Insam raises the immunity of the human body and is very preventive and effective against diabetes and other endocrinal and metabolic diseases. The liquid essence maximizes the pharmacological activity of insam and improves the decline of immune function in the body resulting from cancerous diseases, post-surgery and post-illness debility, hemorrhage and many others.

Kim Song Min

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