On a Birthday

Date: 14/05/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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This happened on a year, when President Kim Il Sung greeted his birthday after the liberation of his country.

The anti-Japanese war heroine, Kim Jong Suk, and some other anti-Japanese revolutionary war veterans prepared a birthday party for him in the morning.

Though he had prepared every birthday party for his comrades-in-arms when fighting in the mountains, Kim Il Sung never allowed such a party for himself.

So after discussing with the veterans, Kim Jong Suk prepared it.

Kim Il Sung came into the room and saw the table. He asked what it was for.

Kim Jong Suk said it was his birthday.

The veterans also congratulated him on his birthday.

Kim Il Sung’s face clouded; he said: Thank you for your sincerity, but how can I receive a birthday party simply because it’s my birthday; though the country is liberated, we are unable to give our children even a candy; so how can I feel happy to have a birthday party at this moment?

The veterans could not hold back their tears coming out.

Kim Jong Suk earnestly requested Kim Il Sung not to refuse their sincerity.

However, Kim Il Sung did not sit by the table.

Since liberation, Kim Il Sung spent his birthdays as usual, working for his people.

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