Japanese Snobbish Politicians under Fire

Date: 02/06/2019 | Source: KCNA.co.jp (English) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on Sunday as regards Japanese FM Kono's impertinent remarks hurting the dignity of the DPRK:
Shortly ago, Kono at a lecture held in Shizuoka, as if Japan had the absolute power over the DPRK, dared to say that the international community would lift sanctions against north Korea if it makes a right judgment and Japan will press someone for a decision by blocking the three channels beyond sanctions.

What is ridiculous is that Kono spouted such nonsense ignorant of Japan's poor position, not knowing who grabs whom by the throat.

We got disgusted with the poor discrimination and sordid snobbish character of the island niggards, who are used to see everything through the eyelet, long ago.

Even though there is no able man in Japan, it is pitiful that such a poor-grade being as weasel-faced Kono who always makes harebrained and loathsome words serves as foreign minister.

As Kono, a being like a rodent in burrow, shows off his diplomacy with the bright world, it is quite natural that Japan is marginalized in the international community and the issue of the Korean peninsula.

As for "right judgment" and "decision", they are the very words we should din into Japan.

Now when the destiny of the island nation approaches a watershed is the very time for the Abe group to make a right judgment on which way to follow and make a bold decision for fully liquidating the past crimes and writing a new history.

But, Japan's behavior shows that it is still far from recovering its senses.

The Abe group is talking about the "opening of summit talks without precondition" while desperately hurting the DPRK, which is a height of brazen-facedness.

Abe tenaciously knocks the door of Pyongyang while making an advertisement as if the Japanese government's policy for negotiation with the DPRK was changed, but there is nothing changed in its hostile policy towards the DPRK as shown by the reckless remarks calling for "escalating sanctions" made by Kono acting at his master's beck and call.

It is useless to cry out for the improvement of relations, unless Japan gives up its wicked character.

It is an advice given to the Japanese authorities that they had better weigh themselves before imprudently talking about "right judgment" and "decision".

Japan should be mindful that it can never escape from the fate of a "land of dipping sun", a "sinking country" if it behaves hatefully jingling foul moneybag, instead of settling the past crimes it committed against the Korean nation.

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