Fulfilling Their Production Plan for the Five-year Strategy

Date: 11/06/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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Fulfillers of their production plan for the five-year strategy for national economic development grow in number at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill. They numbered 101 till the first quarter of 2019. Another 27 joined them slightly more than two months after, hence the fulfillers total up to 128.

Pak Hyon Jong, Kim Sol Gyong, Ryu Myong Sun, Pyon Kyong Hui, Choe Kun Bok, Jo Hyang Mi enabled spindles of their spinning machines to rotate more rapidly than ever and produced over 1.5 times as much cotton yarn as before every day.

Six weavers of the textile mill tended many looms respectively and worked with might and main to execute their production plan for the five-year strategy in no time. The case was similar to its waste silk spinners. Consequently, 9 of weavers, fixers, throwsters, warpers and yarn winders carried out their work assignments for the five-year strategy.

The two workers of the chemical fiber spinning combined workshop and the four ones of the Mangyongdae Textile Branch met their production quotas for the five-year strategy.

The textile mill is now increasing the speed of its Mallima further so many of its weavers topped their annual production plan ahead of time and go all-out to hit their output target for the five-year strategy the way they did.

Ri Chol Ok

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