School pays heed to after-school activities

Date: 12/06/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The school has begun to be widely known to the country since 1989 when its pupil Kim Il Sin, a little poetess, took part in the schoolchildren’s New Year performance.

President Kim Il Sung saw it and highly praise little Kim for her poetic ability.

Kim Myong Sun, who taught her to become a literature prodigy, now works as headmistress of the school.

“To train pupils to be comprehensively-developed personnel by nurturing their talents and aptitudes, 45-minute lessons are not enough. So the school organized various hobby groups for after-school activities and runs them effectively,” said the headmistress.

In recent years the school renovated the halls for the study of information technology and nature and for drawing and handicraft. And it enlarged the school building to add dancing, singing, instrumental music and table tennis halls.

It paid particular attention to the selection of teachers for hobby groups.

Competent and experienced teachers and excellent graduates in arts and sports from the universities of education are now in charge of these groups.

And hundreds of pupils are involved in the groups.

Art and sports groups give priority to the teaching of rudiments.

“Their future is decided by how they learn basic movements in the primary school years. So I work out and implement training plans according to individual characteristics and physical constitution of each pupil while focusing on developing their intelligence to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong by themselves,” said Kim Won Chol, table tennis instructor.

Teachers in charge of art and sports groups direct efforts to giving scientific basic education to pupils. They developed various teaching methods to organize training to meet the pupils’ psychology.

Thanks to their sincere devotion, members of these groups produced good results in a little more than two years.

Over 50 pupils enter the school of higher grade every year and members of the dancing, instrumental music and singing groups received high acclaim from the audiences at the provincial schoolchildren’s New Year performances last year and this year. Table tennis group members won the provincial primary school table tennis competition last year.

“My son is a shy introvert, but he looks quite different when he sits at the percussion instrument. As a father, I am very happy to see my son learning knowledge and cultivating talent and dream at school,” said the father of Kim Hyon Jang, fifth-year pupil.

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