The Title of “True Farmer” Accepted Gratefully

Date: 10/06/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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One day in June, Juche 64 (1975), President Kim Il Sung, who was on a visit to a country in Eastern Europe, was looking around a farm field, guided by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the country.

They arrived at the field, where golden waves of wheat were undulating. The First Secretary, saying boastfully that the farm was exemplary in wheat farming, pointed to the field in front of President Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung acknowledged that the crop was rich, and asked:

“Sowing seeds was done properly. How many kilogrammes of seeds did you plant per hectare?”

“Seeds? Just a minute… Let me ask an agricultural official.” The First Secretary looked embarrassed as he said this.

He called an official in his entourage, introduced him to Kim Il Sung, and said: “Comrade Kim Il Sung is asking how many kilogrammes of seeds were planted per hectare. Please answer his question.”

“I don’t know,” the official said, shrugging.

He then motioned to another official in the entourage to come, and introduced him to Kim Il Sung as the farm’s chief engineer.

He said to the official:

“President Kim Il Sung wants to know the amount of seeds you planted per hectare.”

The chief engineer took a notebook out of his pocket and examined it, before answering.

Kim Il Sung picked up an ear of wheat, and peeled away the spikelets so that they rested on his palm, before asking him: “How much nitrogenous fertilizer do you apply per hectare?”

“We apply 80 kg in terms of composition.”

“What about phosphatic fertilizer?”

“100 kg.”

Kim Il Sung said: “The soil is fertile. That wheat has ripened like this after the application of 80 kg of nitrogenous fertilizer per hectare in terms of composition means that the quality of the soil is very good.”

The First Secretary, who was listening attentively to their dialogue, said it had been hard to do farming properly because of the effects of the abnormal weather.

Kim Il Sung said it was due to a 12% increase in the area of ice in the Arctic Ocean, and explained in detail how Korea became able to gather a stable harvest by transplanting seedlings of corn raised in humus cakes and of rice raised in cold beds to prevent damage from the effects of the abnormal climate, observing the principle of planting the right crop in the right season and the right place, and reclaiming cold and wet land.

The First Secretary was impressed, and said: “How come you, Comrade Kim Il Sung, have learned farming methods when you are busy with the affairs of state? It seems you are a true farmer.”

Thus he explained what was on his mind, but he soon blushed. Presumably thinking that the expression true farmer was not suitable for the president of a country, he quickly added that he wondered how Kim Il Sung could become so proficient in agriculture.

With a smile on his face, Kim Il Sung thanked him for calling him a true farmer, and said: “The leader of a country can administer correct politics only when he becomes a smelter when he goes to an iron works, a fisherman when he puts to sea, and a farmer when he visits the countryside.”

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