The Pride of Juche Korea

Date: 11/07/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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On July 10, 2014 Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Terminal 2 of the Pyongyang International Airport for on-site guidance.

Looking round every nook and corner of the terminal under construction, he time and again praised the soldier builders for splendidly building it to his liking true to the intention of the Party and doing much work all the while.

That day he said that the terminal was tantamount to the gateway to Pyongyang and the face of our country and emphasized the necessity of building the terminal into the structural pride of the era of the Workers’ Party of Korea which is worthy of a socialist civilized country in form and content.

On its completion Kim Jong Un visited the terminal again. He signified his great satisfaction, saying that it was built well enough to thoroughly incorporate the Juche character and nationality, the lifeblood of architecture, and conform with international standard and that our face and style were brought into bold relief. He went on to warmly say that the instructions given by Chairman Kim Jong Il many times while in life to furbish the Pyongyang International Airport well were carried out at last, that he could not but feel the pangs of inmost remorse for being unable to welcome him to this excellent terminal, that he would be hugely delighted to know that we did that on our own and that he seemed to clearly see him smiling.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un who tries hard to demonstrate the national strength and dignity of Juche Korea the terminal has become the laudable face of our country and a monumental building which shows the world its strength and civilization.

Jong Ryu Chol

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