Couple Tramcar Drivers

Date: 12/07/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Couple Tramcar Drivers

Kim Tong Hyok and Ri Yong Hui are couple drivers who have devotedly worked for over ten years at the Rangnang Tram Station under the Guidance Bureau of Passenger Service in Pyongyang.

While studying together at a vocational school in their youth, Yong Hui fell in love with Tong Hyok as she was enchanted by his dream to become a driver of tramcar, a means of transportation for Pyongyang citizens.

Today, they are driving their tramcars, regarding the slogan “We serve the people!” written on the sides of their cars as their life motto.

Yong Hui said with a smile that it was very difficult for her to handle the pantograph and traction motor when she started her driving. Tong Hyok said he felt as if all the streets greeted them when he ran after his wife’s car along the routes in the fresh and clean capital city.

The couple cherish it as their noble sense of civic duty that they are responsible for transportation of citizens who have turned out in the drive to build a powerful socialist country.

With attachment to their job, they overfulfilled their annual plan by increasing the rate of vehicle operations and were always highly appreciated in the socialist emulation drive by keeping their tramcars spick-and-span.

Manager Hwang In Gon said that they have displayed the spirit of devoted service for passengers and never made any mistake or accident in operation.

Now, Kim Tong Hyok is the driver of a prototype tramcar. He takes good care of the car and makes devoted efforts for safe transportation. He says: Our citizens like the new tramcar. I’ll do my best to perform my mission as a servant of the people.

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