Devil’s martyr perishes in needless danger

Date: 13/09/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Japan is now unreasonably finding fault with the DPRK over its fire of Hwasong 12 intermediate-range strategic ballistic missile to the northern Pacific Ocean.
It insisted that the DPRK’s missile fire was an intrusion into its airspace while organizing an evacuation.
Indian newspaper The Hindustan Times and other world media said that the air within a height of 100km is widely regarded as belonging to territorial airspace, and since the DPRK’s Hwasong 12 missile flew at an altitude of 500km, it was beyond Japan’s airspace. They also doubted if Japan’s spy satellite flying in the air above 100km of the DPRK’s territory could be an intrusion.
It is not clear whether Japan argues it as it has no idea of airspace or has been frightened as a criminal. Anyhow, it makes others laugh.
Japan's argument about “intrusion into its airspace” seems to be designed to seek an excuse for military resurgence and reinvasion of the Korean peninsula.
Japan has worked to send more spy satellites and introduce the latest interceptor missiles allegedly to cope with the DPRK’s nuclear and missile programme. After the DPRK succeeded in the second test fire of ICBM Hwasong 14, it staged a joint drill with the US to deploy PAC-3 anti-missile system, and now plans to mount a combined maritime exercise with the UK in the South China Sea.
But Japan is sadly mistaken.
The DPRK has grown into a world nuclear and military power for which Japan is no match.
Now that the DPRK’s ICBM and hydrogen bomb are aimed at the US bent on hostility towards the DPRK, the Japanese authorities, if they have any reason, should ponder over what kind of behaviour would be the way for the island country to survive.
Japan has already committed enormous crimes against the Korean people.
The DPRK fired the intermediate-range ballistic missile on August 29, the day when Japan trampled the sovereign rights of Korea with the humiliating “Korea-Japan annexation treaty” 107 years ago. This is a sharp warning to Japan.
If Japan pays little heed to this warning and insists on military provocation thoughtlessly, it will be the devil’s martyr that perishes in needless danger.
By Han Jong Chol PT

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