'Theory of driver of Korean peninsula' comes under scrutiny

Date: 24/07/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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In the wake of the Singapore summit, better known as “epochal talks”, the long-time hostile relationship between the DPRK and the US has taken a dramatic turn.

At this time the south Korean authorities are unscrupulous enough to claim on different occasions that they managed to lead a “historical turnaround” ranging from the north’s participation in the Winter Olympic Games to the exchange of high-level special envoys, the north-south summit and the north-US summit, out of a shared understanding that the north’s nuclear issue should be addressed on the basis of a solid alliance with the US.

They went so far as to warn that the north and the US would face “grave judgment” if they fail to honour the commitment they made before the international community.

The severity of the situation lies in that such arguments did not come from certain media outlets and scholars but they are part of the intentional propaganda that is in accordance with the policy of the south side and spearheaded by its high-level authorities.

This compels us to feel the need to spotlight and scrutinize again their “theory of the driver of the Korean peninsula” that constitutes the basis of their thinking, reason of their argument and guarantee of their action.

When it comes to a driver, it means a person who chooses the road on which to drive a vehicle and self-assesses and adjusts the direction, speed and other matters while driving.

So, do they mean to say they are dealing with all the issues arising in the improvement of inter-Korean relations as they intend with their own stand?

Their much-hyped “theory of the driver of the Korean peninsula” and the “theory of the leading role” in improving inter-Korean relations and ensuring peace are so preposterous that they make no sense. This is illustrated by how they have behaved since the adoption of the Panmunjom Declaration.

No sooner had they signed the historic declaration than they enforced the extremely dangerous joint aerial drill targeted at the DPRK in tandem with the US. It is just the south Korean authorities and politicians in Seoul’s Youido who let human scum as nasty as wild dogs address the parliament violating our supreme dignity and system and criticizing the Panmunjom Declaration.

They are paying lip service to the implementation of the declaration only when they sit together with us at the negotiating table, but they are doing little to improve relations fundamentally while studying the face of the US.

Despite the growing tendencies in south Korea towards inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation after the adoption of the declaration, they are still half-hearted in the process of inter-Korean détente, saying that “it is needed to maintain sanctions on the north till its nuclear issue is addressed” and that “they would seek any possible way to work with the north within the framework of sanctions.”

They are also touring neighbouring countries to beg for international support for the sustained offensive to impose sanctions and pressure on the north, while taking great pains to obtain mandates from the US and Japan to deal with any slight issue arising in inter-Korean relations. This is what their “leading role” means.

So clumsy and piteous was their behaviour that even western media describe their approach as “onlooker’s theory, not driver’s theory” and “wishful thinking of daydreamer”.

Even so the south Korean authorities ridiculously argue that the current phase of dialogue on the Korean peninsula is an outcome of their “new Berlin initiative”.

Facts suggest that though they are wearing a veil of “improvement of relations”, being conscious of public sentiment, they are still steeped in the mentality of the era of confrontation.

At such critical time they should not act rashly only seeking their own political interests and trying to save their face.

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