New supergravity device developed

Date: 06/12/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The Mechanical Engineering Institute of the State Academy of Sciences has developed a supergravity device.

The device increases centrifugal force to cause physical and chemical actions by bringing gas into contact with liquid in a supergravity field which is formed when a porous filling body makes hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute.

The supergravity technique can cause the chemical reaction or separation of substances, which is impossible in ordinary conditions, and helps get nano-grade materials with the space and energy dozens or hundreds of times smaller than the existing reaction and separation processes.

Different countries competitively take up the device as a subject of research and development, calling it the “transistor of the chemical industry” and a new technology in the 21st century.

Nano-powder materials with very small and even fineness can be made with the device developed by the institute. Korean researchers succeeded in obtaining a nano-saline substance which is 15 nm in particle size. As the raw material (aqueous solution) passes through the porous filling material which revolves with above gravity acceleration, it is minutely separated into thin film and makes backdraught contact with gas which is pressurized outside the rotating body, to become a nano substances. The nano substance-making time using this device is only one tenth of that using other manufacturing methods.

The device is simple in structure and operating method, the production cost of nano substance is very low and it takes only one minute to enter into normal production after starting.

One of the problems researchers newly solved in developing the device is that they made with domestic raw and other materials the efficient filling body with which to manufacture nano-grade substances with appropriate purity and fineness by using materials with different properties. And they confirmed the reaction time, centrifugal acceleration and other manufacturing conditions that satisfy the technical requirements for the manufacture of nano substances.

The institute is now working on research to further improve the performance of the supergravity device and manufacture a variety of nano materials.

“The supergravity device can effectively be used in making and separating lots of nano substances at such procedures as the desulphurization process in the chemical industry,” said key developer Ri Song Ho.

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