August 08, 2022
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US bid to stage joint military drill slammed

Date: 29/06/2022 | Source: Voice of Korea (EN) | Read original version at source

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Ri Ji Song, Researcher of the DPRK Society for the Study of the International Politics, released an article titled "What Is the Joint Military Drill Aimed at?".

The article said the United States is conducting the "Pacific Dragon" joint drill together with Japan and south Korea in Hawaii in August, and continued:

The United States has inveigled Japan and south Korea into staging the "Pacific Dragon" drill under the pretext of "mastering the ballistic missile detecting and tracing ability"; in camera in many cases.

At the talks between military brass hats of the United States, Japan and south Korea on June 11, however, they decided to "stage the drill of detecting and tracing a ballistic missile regularly and openly in a bid to further strengthen the cooperation between the United States, Japan and south Korea in security" and also agreed in opening to the public not only the time and content of the "Pacific Dragon" drill for this year in advance but also the course before the drill.

The United States decided to stage the US-Japan-south Korea missile warning drill, which has been conducted off and on, quarterly and openly. It shows that the United States is more undisguised and frantic in its moves to seize Japan and south Korea militarily.

The United States is hell-bent on military cooperation with its minions in disregard of the elementary demand for security and apprehensions of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region so as to realize the US-Japan-south Korea tripartite military alliance it has long dreamed of to complete the preparations for aggression on the DPRK and contain its rivals such as China and Russia and realize its ambition for world domination.

Owing to the moves of the United States to establish the unilateral international order pursuant to its values, the era of "new cold war" is offering itself in the Asia-Pacific region and the structure of acute confrontation that power crashes into power is being formed.

The reality urgently demands us take perfect measures to strengthen the self-reliant defence capability for defending the sovereignty of the state and the well-being of the people and arouses the awakening of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The reckless military confrontation of the United States and its satellite forces growing in the Asia-Pacific region will only give rise to the catastrophic consequences of digging their own grave, the article stressed.

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