August 15, 2022
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For Putting Architecture on an IT Basis

Date: 04/08/2022 | Source: Voice of Korea (EN) | Read original version at source

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  Today it is a world trend to share the information of all realms of designing, building, operation, maintenance and management and model it in the construction sector, thus reducing the cost for them and putting the examination of building possibility and effectiveness and the scheduling on a more scientific footing. The technology concerning it is called BIM (Building Information Modelling).

The introduction of BIM, the core application technology for IT-based architecture, can save a lot of money, manpower and time in construction and it is of great technical and economic significance in realizing green architecture as well.

Recently, scientists of the Architectural Information Technology Institute of the Pyongyang University of Architecture have introduced BIM into the architectural designing to lay a scientific and technical foundation for putting the designing and construction of buildings on a higher scientific and modern basis.

They intensified their research to gather data of different fields needed for working out the building information modelling standard on the basis of deep study and analysis of the previous literature.

In the course, they newly clarified the method to ensure the accuracy, cooperation and consistency of the elements composing the architectural model, basic requirements for building information modelling and use, and the modelling principle and unit. Finally, they successfully worked out the building information modelling standard that suits the actual conditions of the country in a short period of time.

Based on their successes, the researchers designed tens of objects and developed over 10 designing programs in Korean style.

The institute is actively introducing those achievements into all units across the country.

The scientists are making continued efforts to lead the development of the Juche-oriented architecture with wonderful research findings.

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