August 14, 2022
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Anti-epidemic campaign intensified in DPRK

Date: 21/05/2022 | Source: Voice of Korea (EN) | Read original version at source

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All sectors and units of the DPRK are taking a firm initiative of the anti-epidemic campaign according to the policies of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector is launching an intensive campaign for prevention of spread of the malignant disease and its treatment according to the well-organized command system established to reverse the harsh anti-epidemic situation of the country, while activating the material and technical preparations in an all-round way to cope with the future threats and challenges.

Now that the space of spread of the malignant virus has been perfectly cut off, the emergency anti-epidemic sectors at all levels are more strictly making intensive checkup and examination of all the inhabitants and directing great efforts to following up the medical watch and timely measures for treatment and strengthening disinfection.

On the 19th, nearly 200,000 medical and anti-epidemic personnel across the country intensively disinfected more than 100,000 objects including public places and waste and sewage treatment plants which may be the space of spread of the malignant disease.

The medical scientific research sector is enhancing the correctness and scientific accuracy of test on the basis of more precise analysis of the data on the gene arrangement of the omicron viruses prevalent worldwide and further perfecting the treatment tactics to boost the curative effect by combining new and traditional Korean medicines.

The party organizations at all levels, government organs and working people's organizations attach importance to the social tendency and the people's voices and take timely measures. In the meantime, they are intensifying propaganda and education to increase the consciousness of the anti-epidemic crisis and of responsibility among the officials and working people and encourage them to do their voluntary duty faithfully.

The provinces organize units for transporting medicines urgently to supply the medicines to the pharmacies and the preventive and curative organs in the cities and counties. Officials of the Party and government organs take immediate measures while grasping the sale of medicines on the spot every day.

The officials of the preventive and curative organs and the teachers and students of the doctor-training institutions in the capital and the provinces are launching a treatment campaign day and night while making sincere efforts to thoroughly protect the lives and health of the people.

Working people across the country are doing their civic duties, more fully displaying the communist virtues and traits in the struggle to achieve a great victory in the anti-epidemic work.

All sectors of the national economy are striving for production and construction while strictly observing the measures for tight closure of every unit.

Firm is the victory in the anti-epidemic campaign amid the high enthusiasm of the entire officials, Party members and other working people who are making strenuous efforts to overcome the grim anti-epidemic situation.

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