Giants produce hundreds of thousands of tons

Date: 11/06/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The fertilizer complex positively introduced technical innovation plans.

The technical staff enabled the complex to produce more fertilizer with the same amount of raw materials by newly designing a pulverized coal supply system to increase output in the gas generator. They also found out a method to increase hydrogen output in the water electrolysis system with less electricity.

They are retrieving copper from spent catalysts which were left as useless in the past to reuse it for producing synthetic catalysts and putting the operation of ammonia synthesizing tower on a scientific footing, while operating large equipment including compressor at full capacity.

The chemical complex concentrates on further consolidating the foundations of fertilizer production.

It is now undertaking big projects including the building of an additional 15 000m³ gas tank and the making of a waste-heat boiler in the ammonia system.

The building of an additional gas tank plays an important part in ensuring safety and efficiency of production.

Technicians from different units involved in the project are speeding up the making and assembling of equipment, while introducing an advanced method of assembling the body of gas tank.

A waste-heat boiler is being built with an eye to maintaining and reinforcing the ammonia system, the core of fertilizer production, and the filtering process is being remodelled at a fast pace to remove impurities in cleaned gas and improve the quality of ammonia.

The complex is also pushing ahead with the second-stage construction of the conveyor belt for the disposal of ashes.

The project is of great significance in putting fertilizer production on normal track as the conveyor belt will carry ashes from boilers to a place several kilometres away.

The complex is stepping up the preparations for a successful trial run after finishing the conveyor belt installation.

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