Manageress Basking in the Favour of Workers

Date: 04/12/2018 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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Manageress Basking in the Favour of Workers

Mun Yong Son, manageress of the Tonghungsan Unha Garment Factory in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province, is an enterprising person.

Born as the fourth daughter of eight brothers and sisters of an office worker’s family, she was thoughtful and had unyielding spirit since her childhood. So once she decided to do something, she never gave it up halfway.

Thirty-four years ago, she graduated from then Hamhung College of Light Industry and got a job as a needle worker at the garment factory. She soon became a labour innovator.

After acquiring a broad knowledge in the field of garment industry in the study-while-you-work system, she was promoted to chief engineer in her maidenhood through a teaching career at vocational training school and a working career as head of the technical preparation office.

A master of invention and developer of new products, she was a pride and treasure of the factory.

In those days she got married and settled down.

When she was appointed manageress of the factory 25 years ago, she set an ambitious goal.

She made strenuous efforts to modernize production processes in the face of trials, difficulties and failures. Thus her factory established the computer-aided integrated manufacturing system for the first time among garment factories in all parts of the country.

She has shown deep interest in the work and supply service for employees, making the factory always brimming over with joy and optimism and the atmosphere of collective innovation and emulation campaign.

Today the factory is exalting its honour as a model unit in the garment sector by overfulfilling the national economic plan by 30% every year.

The government put her forward as a meritorious person of socialist patriotism and called her to national meetings.

A deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, she often visits schools, hospitals, nurseries and kindergartens in the city and finds herself among the residents to help them properly implement the policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government.

All her employees and residents in Tonghungsan District fondly call her our manageress and our deputy.

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