Problem of Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula is Product of U.S. Foreign Policy

Date: 12/06/2019 | Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Read original version at source

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Maria Zakharova, official spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, stated in an interview with TV “Russia-1” on June 9, that the problem of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula resulted from the foreign policy of the United States which conjures up the era of slave society.

She pointed out that the actions now taken by the U.S., which have no precedent, could have been possible only in the slave society where slave-owners ruled over the slaves at their free will.

Saying that such policy of the U.S. and its coercive attitude toward other countries produced the denuclearization problem of the Korean peninsula, she reiterated that the denuclearization problem of the Korean peninsula is not the one unrelated to the U.S. but the one that has been formed and solidified through decades under the influence of American diplomacy.

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