Harnessing Nature

Date: 08/07/2019 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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Officials and builders of the General Tideland Reclamation Enterprise of South Hwanghae Province are dynamically pushing forward the reclamation of Ryongmaedo Tideland in Chongdan County, a grand nature-remaking project to expand the territory of the country.

By mid-March, they completed the first-stage damming up projects of the two reclamation sections and acquired 3 600 hectares of cultivation land.

The construction of 15 000-metre-long dyke was no easy job for them as they had to overcome tidal effects and adverse weather conditions.

Despite the difficulties, the builders, full of pride in widening the country’s territory, doubled the tunnelling speed at the quarries, introduced new blasting methods and ensured the full operation of rolling stocks and other equipment, so as to supply sufficient quantities of earth and stones for damming up projects.

The enterprise’s officials and technicians, keeping in mind that science and technology should be prioritized to make leap forward and innovation, worked out practical methods for building dyke in the area and pushed ahead with them.

In a short period of five months they completed the first-stage damming up project in Section 3 by erecting 70 metres of anti-tidal dyke a day, while finishing the construction of several thousand metre-long dyke in Section 4.

To this end, they removed 1.7 million cubic metres of earth and dressed the embankment of several tens of thousands of square metres with feldspar.

The officials and builders of the enterprise continue to make strenuous efforts, despite unfavourable natural conditions, to expand the acreage under cultivation.

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