Floral Tribute to Statues of Great Leaders Paid by Foreigners

Date: 09/07/2019 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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Organizations and personages of different countries sent floral baskets to the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the demise of the President.

They are the Organizing Committee of the International Festival in Praise of the Great Persons of Mt Paektu, Yuwen Middle School in Jilin of China, the Switzerland-Korea Committee, the Beijing Chao Ya International Cultural Exchange Centre in China, the Japan-DPRK Friendship Kyoto Net for the Promotion of Cultural, Scientific and Civilian Exchange, the family of former Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Sin Kanemaru, and Kiichi Tsunota, representative of the Gunma Prefectural Council for Japan-Korea Friendship and Solidarity.

The floral baskets were placed at the statues on July 7.


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