Unique Guerilla Tactics

Date: 14/08/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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During the anti-Japanese war President Kim Il Sung dealt annihilating blows to the Japanese imperialists by employing superb strategy, mysterious stratagem and protean and tactics.

It was when the guards company under his command made a detour of the Fuhoushui tableland to march towards dense forests.

The enemy’s “punitive” forces were everywhere in the rough forests.

While giving continuous blows to them, the President adopted tactics of circling around the Fuhoushui tableland with the enemy at the heels. The enemy, unaware of this, started to hastily run after the guards company.

During the second round, another “punitive” force appeared between the guards company and the chasing enemy.

Grasping the enemy’s movement, the President ordered his soldiers to cut a tree as long as a sleigh pole and hurry up the march and fire a volley at the enemy. When the company arrived at the starting point of the march, he ordered to throw the poles across sparse tree stumps over the snow and slip away to one side.

The enemy, unaware of the company’s whereabouts, started to chase each other, turning around the tableland. When dusk fell, one “punitive” force closed in upon the other and they battled it out between themselves. The exchange of heavy fire continued throughout the night.

At dawn the next morning, they knew the situation and stopped fighting. But it was too late.

In addition to this, the President created many guerilla warfare.

Among them are the battle of Fusong county town that used the tactic of attacking the west while making sounds in the east, the battle at Hongtoushan in which the guerillas won a great victory by luring the enemy into a valley like rats and annihilated them, the tactic of marching a long distance at a step that the guerillas marched the Kapsan-Musan guard road in broad daylight, etc.

The Korean people produced many legends about the President, including that he used 99 arts of disguise, that he was an invincible General anticipating future events and attacking the enemy, etc.

They also produced such anecdotes about the guerillas that appeared in an unexpected place at an unexpected moment and left no trace behind, as “Have the guerillas disappeared into the sky or under the ground?” , “Kim Il Sung brings his guerillas by means of fallen leaves” , “Pumpkin head” etc.

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