All Efforts for Rehabilitation from Damage by Typhoon

Date: 10/09/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Typhoon-13 hit several parts of the DPRK.

Officials, working people and service personnel of the People’s Army in different parts of the country have turned out in the campaign to heal the aftermath of typhoon damage as early as possible.

True to the spirit of the emergency enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, officials of Party and power organs in Pyongyang and local areas led the efforts for rehabilitation on the spot on September 8 and 9, ensuring the supply of equipment and materials urgently needed for the work.

The service personnel of the People’s Army gave active helping hands to the work.

According to a report, they, together with civilians, set upright the rice stems and cornstalks fallen by rainstorm in tens of thousands of hectares of land in such typhoon-hit areas as South and North Hwanghae provinces.

Thanks to the devoted efforts of officials and workers in the fields of electric power industry and posts and telecommunications, lots of electric-light poles were set up, with power transmission pylons and interrupted communications lines being restored at a high speed.

Tens of thousands of people in several badly-damaged counties in South Hwanghae Province, including Pyoksong, Jangyon and Songhwa counties, repaired over 120-kilometre-long roads and completely restored the destroyed buildings in Pyoksong County.

North Hwanghae Province finished the repair of hundreds of metres of roads between Sariwon and Unpha, a subsided bridge and dwelling houses unroofed by the typhoon. Kaesong Municipality set upright or newly planted hundreds of trees along the roads and repaired 1 800 square metres of damaged roofs.

Officials and working people in South Hamgyong Province sent a lot of clothes, condiments, medicines and others to the people in the typhoon-stricken areas to help them lead a stable life. While repairing destroyed dams and roads on a full scale together with the service personnel of the People’s Army, they are stepping up preparations for the building of new houses.

Kangwon and North Hamgyong provinces, after finishing the repair of roofs of public buildings, are promoting the work of clearing away the aftermaths of the typhoon on roads, dams and crops, etc.

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